I am Nikolett.

Founder of the Lettin'Go Academy Budapest and Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator.

Let me tell you my story.

From a serious motorbike accident to pure happiness

In 2015, I suffered a serious motorcycle accident. As a result of the accident I almost lost my left leg from the knee down.

Thanks to the doctors, the hospital staff and of course myself, my leg was saved. The weeks in hospital were followed by a long recovery. I was bedridden for almost a year and could only walk with crutches, and spent most of my time in the rehabilitation ward of the Emergency Institute.

The very next day of the accident I felt something had changed. I simply let go of everything.

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I wasn't worried about what would happen to my leg, even though for weeks it looked like it would have to be amputated. I just felt it was fine for me. Do it if you have to, just get on with it – I thought.

It seemed completely natural for me to have all the worry out of my world, I felt like everything was going to be okay.

I was no longer afraid.

I made choices that I had never dared to make before.

I realised that I could create money and opportunities 'out of work'. So it happened that in the year after the accident I didn't work, but in return I lived in a rented flat, drove a car and had everything I needed. I couldn't believe this was happening to me!

Finally I had time for my own life.

I did whatever I wanted, especially things I didn't have time for before.

I watched travel vlogs, learned English from YouTube, while I was just being in bed, with my feet up, alone, for a whole year. And I loved every minute of it.

For the first time in my life, I was happy. For no apparent reason.

A new, adventurous chapter of my life begins

I started attending courses in 2016. I felt there had to be something else, another option. There has to be more to life. I wanted to explore the special and peaceful space I had experienced after the accident.

I wanted more.

Before my accident, I was struggling with depression, manytimes thinking of death as an option. I never had any money, I was in a constant battle with my body, and my human relationships – well, they were in ruins. The new tools I learned in the courses and the letting go made the change happen at a tremendous speed.

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I was finally able to see how much cool stuff I had inside me and how many great skills I had - depression and anxiety became a distant memory in a short time.

In 2016 I took on the world and did all the courses I could. I moved first to Prague, then to San Francisco, and followed my mentors around the world. The travel and the courses made me a new person.

People I knew didn't know me.

It was around then that I realized that instead of philosophy and advice, people needed practical tools to create change on their own, without help, in the here and now - in this fast-paced world - without having to go into a cave to meditate.

I felt that these tools should be widely-known, people must know they exist. I made up my mind to show everyone that it was possible and that the tools were available.

Sharing experiences and growing community

50+ classes later and a few thousand miles away, I became Access Consciousness® and Sedona Method® Certified Facilitator in 2020.

By then I had many years of experience in teaching and passing on the tools, which I had gained at the Toni & Guy Academy in Budapest as a Hairdressing Instructor.

I transformed this teaching knowledge and started to teach workshops and classes on consciousness, but the real breakthrough came with my Brilliant membership - unique with daily content - which is the only one of its kind in Hungary.

The community now boasts more than 1400 members.

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My classes, online programs, and Brilliant membership are designed to make awareness easily accessible to everyone - I try to deliver information in a clear, practical way.

I've been featured on radio and TV shows several times, and had the opportunity to tell my story in several newspaper articles about my accident, giving hundreds of people hope in their recovery.

My miraculous recovery is one of László Domján's (Hungary’s leading coach of the The Silva Mind Control Method) favorite examples of mind control lectures, but I have also been the example of many other lectures where my story of magical recovery has restored faith to so many people.

"They wanted to amputate her leg, today Nikolett is running again "

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"The accident that led to a true calling"

About - Nikolett.com
"Brutal motorcycle accident transformed the life of Nikolett Erdélyi"

About - Nikolett.com
Be Positive Way Stories: Nikolett

About - Nikolett.com

Some more about me

I moved back from San Francisco in 2019 and since then I have been teaching mainly in Budapest, Europe, and online. I love to indulge my body with nourishing food, but the real nourishment for my soul is to travel.

My trips to South America have created a huge transformation in me. In 2020, Maja Dienes and I launched our podcast channel - Tudatosság Podcast, which was a niche in the Hungarian podcast market.

Nikolett - Tudotosság Podcast

However, I am also an incurable entrepreneur: I am constantly looking for new tools and it is a great inspiration to see the changes that my class participants create in their lives with these!

I want to live in a world with more awareness, more joy, and less judgment.

And it all starts with us. If we are able to treat ourselves kindly and choose to be happier - we can share this with our environment.

I love to make people aware of their potential and give them the tools to flow through life with ease, joy, and brilliance - to experience the infinite of their own being and to realize that nothing is impossible for any of us.

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These methods are designed to bring us to the point where we become sufficiently aware. And this awareness reduces the chances of falling into habitual games, traumas, and dramas - after all, we are the source of change.

I believe that every person is unique and that there are no ground rules that will by definition lead everyone to similar results.

But through conscious choices, we can come to our true selves and develop an attitude that allows us to continually create the life we want and create miracles.

You always have choice.

— Nikolett

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