Access Consciousness® Foundation Class

Break down your walls and barriers and start creating your life

The Access Consciousness® Foundation is a 4-day live class where you will break down your fixed point of views, build a solid foundation for your new life, and learn amazing tools to finally have what you truly desire.

Many of the things you thought were true turned out to be holding you back.

If you always stick to the same point of view, there will be less and less room in your life for things to change around you.

Your reality will be profoundly transformed if you question everything you currently believe in and become open to new possibilities.

You believe that creating your life is a long and arduous process.

If you always follow the advice of others, you will most often lead to slow progress and transformation.

You know what is best for you, so it is worth following your inner calling and living your uniqueness.

What is Access Consciousness®?

Access Bars Class with Nikolett Erdelyi

Access Consciousness® = Introduction to consciousness

The greatest benefit of Access Consciousness® is not in the physical, measurable, and visible world. You can't understand it with your mind. Why? Because everything that comes from consciousness makes no sense to this reality.

The basic premise of this system is that no one but you know what really works for you. Access Consciousness® offers pragmatic, dynamic, and easy-to-use tools to help you become more conscious - and create beyond your current reality.

What and to whom Access Consciousness® is designed for?

Access Consciousness® makes you able to support and help your own self. You don't need advice, you need tools that make you able to create the change you desire. The tools are available and adaptable for everyone. In the class, we teach you how to use them.

After learning the tools you will be able to create your own future and will empower you to know that you are the only you can reach your dreams.

The tools of Access Consciousness®

This method will bard you with a bunch of tools to make significant changes in your life. After the class it is really just on you.

Tool #1:

Access Consciousness® basic questions

Are you stuck? Something didn’t turn out the way you planned? What could be the reason? Ask yourself!

The basic questions of Access will guide you to find the right path.

  • What is this?
  • What can I do with this?
  • Can I change it?
  • And if so, how can I change it?
  • What will happen if I change it?

Tool #2:

Access Consciousness® clearing statement

We always wished we had a magic wand to change anything!

The purpose of the Access Consciousness® clearing statement is: to help you destroy and uncreate the limitations that hold you back, help to clear the energies that don't serve you anymore, put down all your barriers, and give you space for new possibilities.

It's a magic wand!

Tool #3

Access Consciousness® mantra

“All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory!” - this is the mantra.

During hard times it is important to stay positive mentally as well. The mantra deflects your focus from negative thoughts and engrave the cool things.

When, how and why you should use these? We will tell you everything in class.

By the end of the 4-day Access Consciousness® Foundation class you’ll have a shiny new perspective on most things

Access Bars benefits -

You can see where you function from limitations

You leave behind "Oh my God, why me ?!" - sacrificial mindset and instead you will become the source of your life.
Access Bars benefits -

Long-standing problems are being solved

Whether it’s financial, relationship, or other hardships, your worries can be solved in a snap if you change your point of view with the right tools.

Access Bars benefits -

You live a happier and more fulfilling life

In addition to a happier life ahead, your loved ones and those around you will benefit from the positive effects of your transformation.

The Access Consciousness® Foundation course offers fantastic tools to become more conscious and change your life. You’ll get these when you sign up:

4-day live class to deepen the transformation

In 4 days there is plenty of room to walk through all the important areas of life. During that time, a safe, intimate space is created where you can really go deep into things, see the stories that limit you, and rewrite them with a new life waiting for you in every way - better human relationships, more material abundance, more ease.

Audio from the entire class for future listening

You will receive the audio material for the full 4-day class, allowing you to re-listen to the training as many times as you want. Not only will this deepen your knowledge, but you’ll probably discover a lot of new things as you listen again.

Practical tools to have a solution for every situation

You’ve already been given a lot of useful tools in your Access Bars® class, but Access Consciousness® Foundation is raising your stakes even higher and showing you plenty of new practical tools. As you get to know these, you can easily notice that you are increasingly enjoying the process of creation and it is becoming easier to steer your life in the direction you want.

4 energetic body treatments to rejuvenate inside and out

In addition to getting plenty of verbal tools, we also pay attention to your body, as there are 4 energy treatments waiting for you that will rejuvenate and refresh you outside. These full body treatments will help you feel much better in your body.

Guides to make it easy to apply what you have learned after class

On the course you will receive a hard copy of the official Access Consciousness® manual, which details everything covered in the training. The course materials will last for many years.

Questions and answers so you won’t be left with unanswered questions

Throughout the day, Nikolett will answer all your questions. Feel free to ask questions about anything that may be a question mark, as it's important to be confident in using all the tools you've learned.

My motto: You always have choice!

I understand what it's like when things in life don't go the way you want them to. For me, a near-death experience made me realize that I can live a different life to the one I had lived, and I want it to be clear to many that they can always choose to live differently.

About Nikolett

I am Nikolett Erdelyi, founder of Lettin'Go Academy Budapest. I have been working with private clients since 2015 and I hold online programs, lectures and live seminars on letting go and mindfulness.

I have already given 10.000+ people the tools to empower themselves to change their lives.

We are the source of the change we want. I believe that we all function in our own specific ways, and that it is our own choices that move our lives forward or limit our fulfilment.

My goal is to provide the knowledge in everyday language, in a way that is accessible and understandable, that everyone can use to move their lives in a new direction.

I am always amazed at the changes that my class participants and Brilliant members have made in their reality with a few simple tools.

Will you join us?

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You'll get these by signing up today for the Foundation Class:

Participation in the 4-day live class: attend the 4-day Access Consciousness® course in a beautiful, elegant and inspiring place. Enrolment is limited, places typically fill up quickly, and it often takes several months before the course is re-advertised. It's worth applying early.

Audio recording of the whole course: you'll get an audio recording of the 4 full days, so you can listen to it whenever you want, as many times as you want.

Invitation to the secret Telegram group: you get perpetual access to the secret Telegram group, where you can chat to your fellow Access Consciousness® Foundation course graduates, ask for their advice or share your successes, so you'll have a supportive community around you even after the course.

Printed Access Consciousness® manual: you will receive a printed copy of the official handbook to help you better understand what you have learned after the course..

International Access Consciousness® certificate: an official certificate attesting completion of the course.

Access Consciousness® Foundation Class pricing:

330.000 Ft
(incl. 27% VAT)

Repeating within 12 months: 165.000 Ft

For ages 16-17: 165.000 Ft

Do you have a child under 16? Sign up for the class and bring them for FREE!

Pre-requisite: Access Bars® class

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